Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Worst Dressed at the 2012 Met Costume Ball.

Marc Jacobs; yikes, looks someone is back on drugs,
and where did he get those shoes? A horny Pilgrim?

The Costume Institute Gala, mainly known to you and me as the Met Ball was held last night in New York. The yearly event has been nicknamed the Oscars of the East Coast; the hot-to-trot event is an annual ball that celebrates the opening of The Met’s fashion exhibit at the Costume Institute.

Coked up fashion industry experts and style magazines consider the event, which is hosted by Vogue magazine, to be the fashion world's best red carpet event. The party has been an annual affair at the Met since 1948 and is probably the only time most of these Stars ever pay a visit to a museum.

I heard Mary-Kate Olsen asked when arriving,”where are the mummies?” if the dung- for-brains dear had just looked around at all the Botox; anyone could have been her mummy for the night.


"I'm Melting! I'm Melting!" Beyonce auditions for the Wicked Witch
of The West role in the new remake of Wizard Of Oz; "oh the pain!"
See Cristina Ricci; if you put too much water on it; it will grow.
Mary-Kate Olsen; Crack is whack, please get help.

Great way to use up all that tin foil around the house karolina kurkova

Queen of Vogue and taste? Anna Wintour looks like an "Angels" Vibrator.