Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Jessica Simpson’s Baby Photos If You Care.

Jessica Simpson finally gave birth May 1, to a baby girl after what seemed like a 3 year pregnancy. Some say the kid came out with acne and wanting a drivers license. Simpson might have lost the kid but not the baby blubber. Lucky for Simpson she’s not like us and is getting paid by Weight Watches to lose her baby lard.

Simpson shows off baby Maxwell, Maxi for short; you know like Maxi-pads in the new issue of "People Magazine." . Happy Simpson is showed with her pasty, fat buddle of joy, and no I don’t mean her boyfriend, Eric Johnson; who seems more like a prop in the photos, I mean Maxi.

Simpson is said to have the best selling celebrity indorsed junk out there; good for her, hopefully this will keep her from singing or acting anytime soon.