Tuesday, May 15, 2012

VEEP Gets My Vote For Best New Sitcom Of The Year.

HBO has finally found a half hour comedy series to compete with high quality dramas such as “Game Of Thrones” and “True Blood.”

VEEP follows wacky vice president Julia-Louis Dreyfus and her staff as they maneuver day-to-day life in Washington DC; which is pretty much how it would have been if Sarah Palin (without the laughs) had got her pointy toed heels into the White House.

Dreyfus plays “Selina Meyer” a confused and dirty mouthed politician, who can’t even get a phone call with the President, let alone a visit with him. Selina spends her days with her staff, trying to outwit the nitwits in Washington and still have time to ignore her teenage daughter and have phone sex with her husband.

Dreyfus’s comic timing brings plenty of laughs and has finally found a role that makes you forget all about Seinfeld. Though Dreyfus is the most well known here the supporting cast is excellent. Don’t be surprised at how many nominations this show gets next year around awards season (HBO has picked it up already for a second season)
Reid Scott gets my vote for HOT!

I watch a lot of TV and have to say it’s hard for me to “laugh out loud” literally anymore, but VEEP does it to me again and again. If you want some smart British sitcom type laughs, get a bottle of wine and watch the first four episodes on demand at HBO, or go to HBO.com and watch for them for free on their site.

Here’s a preview of VEEP.