Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Blood Banks Allow Gays, But Only If They Don’t Have Sex.

 Blood banks have banned donations from homosexuals and drug users for years after the AIDS crisis.

Now, some gays are doing a jig because blood banks have lifted the ban on homosexuals, with only one hitch. Those homosexuals who wish to donate, cannot have had sex in the last year. WTF? Could you imagine being the gay man, who marches down to the blood bank, head held high, and admits, to the public, that he hasn’t gotten some nookie in a year? What self-respecting gay man would do that? And who the hell would let the public know, even if it was true?

Some gay activist are rejoicing, and I feel like I have to be the one to tell them; get a grip. If you have or potentially have HIV, don’t donate blood, it’s as simple as that. I get that gays don’t want to be banned from anything, but, you know what? Get over it! We don’t need to be a part of everything to prove our worth to society.

Many argue that this is a step ahead for gays, no, this is a declaration to the public that you’re not getting any head.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Why Cable & Reality TV Is Dying.

The only ‘real’ in reality shows is the people who do them are ‘real,’ real desperate for any type of fame.
When Fox announced that the next season of American Idol would be the last, many laughed and couldn’t believe it was still on the air. Can you really name any of the winners of the last couple of seasons? I didn’t think so.
Once cable had us by the sparkplugs but now TV in general has been on a steady decline over the last couple of years, with the younger generation dumping cable altogether, and watching TV shows on Hulu, Netflix, Amazon and other websites. I think cable TV is too damn expensive, and often wonder about dropping it and using that money for a nice vacation instead.
As cable rates went up, quality TV went out the door. Reality TV came in like a wart that you couldn’t burn off. You can’t blame executives, reality TV is cheap to produce, and you can get a bunch of no talents, who are so desperate for fame they will do anything when the camera is on.
For a while reality TV was a hit, even churning out some actual celebrities. Even grade F-list stars jumped at the chance to help their sagging careers. But as the years went on, the actual reality of these shows was a bigger joke than Madonna’s last album sales. Here’s the truth, reality shows are all fake. Case in point: Keeping up with the Kardashians. If you turn the volume off this stupid show, you would think it’s about a female pimp and her herd of ho’s.
For years the Kardashians have seduced the public with teasers of shocking developments. The reality was the only story they weren’t showing you was Bruce Jenner’s, and they hid it from the world
I’m tired of useless TV. If I have to give up my hard earned money, let me at least pay for things I want to see.
Soon regular TV will be a thing of the past, and many reality celebrities will go the way of the Dodo bird. For people who disagree with me, I just have to say one more thing.
Remember when Paris Hilton was huge?
Well, nobody cares about her anymore



Friday, May 1, 2015

Killer Queens: Dolce & Gabbana Hate Your Vitro Children.

Designers Dolce Gabbana say children born through Vitro are 'unnatural.' This coming from two old queens who sell Hanes T-shirts with their logo on it for two-hundred dollars.

Dolce and Gabbana are a$$holes. Many people, straight and gay have used in-vitro fertilization to have beautiful, loving children. We expect people like Jeb Bush & Jerry Falwell to preach hate, while trying to support some of their backwoods supporters, but gay men, like Dolce  Gabbana, to be so stupid and cruel, and obviously far removed from reality, unacceptable!

I have two Gabbana dress shirts, and I've cut them up.

Maybe if Dolce Gabbana would stop hiring, young male escorts, and take the time to look into the many, small, beautiful eyes of the children born through vitro, they just might have a change of heart, if they both still have one.