Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Blood Banks Allow Gays, But Only If They Don’t Have Sex.

 Blood banks have banned donations from homosexuals and drug users for years after the AIDS crisis.

Now, some gays are doing a jig because blood banks have lifted the ban on homosexuals, with only one hitch. Those homosexuals who wish to donate, cannot have had sex in the last year. WTF? Could you imagine being the gay man, who marches down to the blood bank, head held high, and admits, to the public, that he hasn’t gotten some nookie in a year? What self-respecting gay man would do that? And who the hell would let the public know, even if it was true?

Some gay activist are rejoicing, and I feel like I have to be the one to tell them; get a grip. If you have or potentially have HIV, don’t donate blood, it’s as simple as that. I get that gays don’t want to be banned from anything, but, you know what? Get over it! We don’t need to be a part of everything to prove our worth to society.

Many argue that this is a step ahead for gays, no, this is a declaration to the public that you’re not getting any head.