Tuesday, February 18, 2014

What The Hell Is Wrong With Tori Spelling?

Tori Spelling, 40,  was born in Beverly Hills to super rich producer Aaron Spelling, but the way she stays married to her cheating-baby making-loser husband, Dean McDermott, 47,  is beyond belief; one would think Spelling grew up in a trailer park and wasn’t educated and desperate to keep any man that smiled in her direction.

Many beauty salons are a buzz with the news that Spelling’s husband has gone to sex rehab after admitting to having condom-less affairs with five women. Many are laughing and wondering why bug-eyed Spelling couldn’t see what a jerk her husband is, and was dumb enough to have four kids with this serial cheater (he also has two other children from a previous mess)

Spelling has admitted she is the breadwinner in the family, and when asked why she keeps having children she can’t support, Spelling admitted they can’t afford for McDermott to have a vasectomy; but having children is cheaper? WTF; Is Spelling’s weave too tight? It almost seems like a case on Judge Judy, where a stupid woman keeps having kids she can’t support.
Spelling, like Paris Hilton and many other Hollywood brats just prove one thing to me; just because you’re raised with money doesn’t make you any better than you or me; in fact I would say most people who had to work for what they have in life have more manners, smarts and decency than 75% of these rich brats.

A lot of people think McDermott thought he hit the Lottery when he met Spelling, but the reality is she was left little money when her famous father died in 2006, and has gone through all of it by now.

Some people feel sorry for Spelling, and think she’s staying with McDermott for the children’s sake (of course kids are never happy in an un-happy home) others are laughing at Spelling, saying; that how you get your man, is how you lose him (Spelling and McDermott, both married at the time, met on the set of an ill-forgotten Lifetime movie, and left their spouses after filming, thus becoming their own Lifetime movie.)
Spelling has made a new career out of showing her life to the world in several crappy reality shows that depicted how happy her life and marriage is; maybe Spelling’s shows would have stayed on the air if they depicted just how white trash her life really is.

Many don’t agree that sex addiction is a real addiction, I wonder if Spelling will ever have some self-respect for herself and leave her bastard of a husband; stupidity can be an addiction as well.