Sunday, February 2, 2014

Does Size Matter When You’re Making Monkey Love?

Having drinks recently with my friend Julia (who has money for dinner these days?) I was flustered on what to say when Julia told me of her dilemma; her new boyfriend Kel’s lower sex organ was so tiny; which eventually led to the previous evening: Julia and Kel we’re doing the nasty and Julia screamed out,” Yes,…oh…yes!” and Kel replied, “I didn’t even put it in yet.”

We got another round of drinks and laughed a bit. Julia has been with Kel for a year and he was a great guy but their sex life was a drag; she even felt her cat (Sam) was laughing at her every-time she yelled out in ecstasy how great Kel was in bed. She just couldn’t see herself married to this guy for this one very big, well small-big reason. I could tell she was in pain (not the right type of pain, but pain)

According to new research by the Journal of Sexual Medicine, size does matter when it comes to pleasing a woman, or man. The good news is that it only matters for some people and some types of orgasms and some people are very happy to have a gherkin pickle in their life.

Eventually Julia had to break up with Kel; for some people it’s not that important, for her it was. When I talked to Julia this morning she said she was sad about Kel (she didn’t tell him the real reason) Julia is dating again, and added with glee in her voice, “I have trouble walking today.”

Happy Sunday everyone.