Thursday, February 27, 2014

Pot Flavored Condoms And Other Weird Crap For Sale.

Back in the old days, Circus showman P.T Barnum always said, “There’s a sucker born every minute.” How right he was. These day’s people will create almost anything, and sometimes the public—hungry for the unique will lap it up.

So open your wallets and your minds and check out the newest—weirdest crap for sale.

Unbreakable Bond: Oh those Kardashian’s, they will sell their own feces if they could. This perfume came out last year but it already shares the shelf with dozens of Paris Hilton perfumes at T.J Maxx. The website for Unbreakable Bond says this; “The first and only celebrity scent designed for a man or a woman. Born out of Khloe and Lamar's shared intimacy.”-What does it smell like you ask? A touch of desperation, greed, unfaithfulness with some notes of Crack thrown in.

Cannadom Condoms: Leave it to the Dutch—famous for wood shoes, to come up with Cannabis flavored condoms. For about $2 lousy bucks you can get it on, and then float on; so instead of a cigarette after sex; you’ll crave a bag of chips.

Wine Exclusively For Cats: The Japanese really are smarter than us. A Japanese company (B&H lifes) has produced a wine that is for cats only; as if my cat needed to be lazier. On the upside when you spend Friday and Saturday nights alone; you and your cat can both be sedated.

Teddy Bear Lamp:  Do your kids get nightmares? Well how about scaring them even more with this new teddy bear lamp with its head chopped off, and it’s only $160 bucks; which is worth it when you think of the lifetime of therapy your kids will need after you put this by their bed at night.