Saturday, February 22, 2014

Does Your Hair Stylist Hate You?

Have you often wondered why your hair never comes out the way you envisioned it? Did you ever consider that your hairstylist hates your guts? I know it’s hard to believe when you think it’s all about you, but it’s not.

Maybe your hair stylist thinks you look like the girl who dumped them in high school; or the girl who stole their man once; maybe people just hate your face. This test will let you know the hidden movements of hair stylist. Because if your hairstylist hates you, you’ll never be the beauty you deserve or wish to be.

Which one are you?

Middle Of The Road Mindy: Hairstylist don’t hate you, but they don’t remember you either; since you make it to the salon every 4-5 months for a cut. When you go to restaurant, it takes you forever to decide what you want; as your date is eating ice cubes out of hunger. Your not a bad smelling perfume, but you’re not the sweetest scent either. Sometimes in life, sugar; you have to pick one thing; Top or Bottom; Madonna or Lady Gaga. So when you come in next time; try some bangs, or a different color.

Bitchy Belinda: You’re always late; you always complain and always answer your cell-even when it’s a wrong number. Hairstylist’s hate you! You’re the client every hairstylist looks at when you come to the salon, because everyone knows you’re a pain in the bunions. You have a certain way to part it, you have unique way to blow dry it. Nothing is ever good enough for you, you don’t use common sense when it comes to your hair type; you think YOU switch hairstylist-they switch you!

Perfect Paulina: Hairstylist love you! You never bitch or ask them to explain every little detail; you often change haircuts and even when not interested in a new look, you consider it, and if you tried that new lop sided look and didn’t like it; hair grows back right? You’re the kind of client we don’t mind staying late for. You have a confidence that will win you many lovers, and many jealous rivals, but screw all those bitches, you look good.

In the end it’s all about chemistry; you either click with the stylist or you don’t. If you click, stick around and talk about what you want; if you don't click? Hit the street and find the right stylist for you.