Sunday, May 29, 2016

David Muir Makes Us Warmer Than A Hot Car Seat.

Here at HTYM we usually get our news from Chelsea Handler or Wendy Williams, but now that ABC has promoted David Muir as host of "20/20" and "World News," we can’t get enough facts about 'Moms Who Murder,' or that place called Libya. OK he might stand weirdly, but we can't keep our eyes off him!

Muir could be reading the back of a shampoo bottle most nights and we would be hypnotized with every word he says; now that’s reporting, and that’s one serious side part he’s got.


With his trademark brown suits and puppy dogs eyes, Muir has more than a few ladies using Google to see if he’s single and ripe for the picking. A little (gay) bird told me he plays on the lavender team; which, if true will have many women yelling into the air, “I can change him!” and many gays hooting, "what's his number?" and "is he on Facebook?"

David Muir is hot and ours; and that blonde needs to leave him alone.

I really don't care where Muir dips his pickle; besides his good looks and body that could make me sell my mother; Muir is a refreshing change to late night news; he seems smart but not a snob, and unlike most news people; when he smiles it really looks like he's happy; i'll take Muir's face (and anything else he wants to give) anyday over the frozen death look most TV news people give to the public. 
Gulp, those arms could open a lot of jars around my house.
Let's be honest, Muir could just eat a bag of Fig Newton's on air for an hour and i'd still watch, and by the good ratings he's getting, so would you.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Download the #1 Best Seller, New Year's Eve Kill for FREE.

My first #1 best seller! Tears. In honor of my first #1 book, U can now download New Year's Eve Kill, for a FREE. And please leave a quick- kind-review on Amazon after you read :)

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In one of her trickiest, and heart pounding mysteries yet. Ethel is faced with one of her greatest fears—being trapped in a scary hospital where no one can hear your screams.

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