Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dwarf Wrestling Comes To TV. Pots Of Blood, Not Gold.

Spike TVs dwarf wrestling show targets socks with sandal's, male demographic.

The little people involved in "Half Pint Brawlers" are as dirty off camera as they are in the ring. When reached by phone, a 'Keebler elf" was asked his opinion of 'Brawlers" but hung up the phone after yelling, "Me cookies are burning!".

Some worry about the message the show is sending.

If you're at all sensitive about seeing someone get cash staple-gunned to his privates or 4-foot-tall wrestlers mauling each other while cheap-beer-drinking bar patrons egg them on, you might not be the target for the Spike network's series, "Half Pint Brawlers."

"Brawlers" are real life pocket sized wrestlers that run amuck in local cities. Some will turn their nose up at this kind of show but if you're into "Jackass"-style stunts, choreographed grappling matches and pants-dropping shenanigans, This is the show for you, besides you don't have a girlfriend anyway, do you?

Spike TV launches the six-episode show at 11 p.m. Wednesday (I could say that was a small order for a show but that would be too easy) It will follow a group of little nuggets, led by outspoken actor-comedian-entrepreneur-muffin pusher Steve Richardson, who goes by the stage name Puppet the Psycho Dwarf.

Richardson and his five 'Half Pint Brawler' cohorts travel the country performing at bars, nightclubs and sports arenas — and a Louisiana maximum-security prison — for a series that also captures their sassy shenanigans outside the ring. The guys haze the rookie in the crew, nicknamed Turtle, with gross style adventures that seem tailored for the mind not yet developed.

Spike TV, Hungry for its pursuit of the young male demographic, sees the show as a "character-based docu-soap," according to executive vice president of original programming Sharon Levy. "The pilot tested through the roof," she said. "You want to hang out with these guys." Hopefully they aren't paid in "Lucky Charms."

It's naive to think all Little People are chirpy, like to dance a jig, and make cookies and cakes (that are responsible for most of the lard asses in America.)

Call me naive-and a cab; I'll take my old school TV/ movie dwarfs any day over these nasty little buggers.