Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Why It’s Good To Be Single

There’s a pressure for everything to be matched. Curtains, socks, and people. A lot of human’s jump in relationships for different reasons. Many people in an expensive city like New York just need another body to cover the rent. Some people just can’t be alone and a few are in love.

When you’re happily single, it makes people nervous. “He’s too picky.” Or “There must be something a matter with him.” Questions will come at you faster than Donald Trump lies, “Aren’t you lonely?” Sometimes. “Don’t you want somebody to grow old with?” Sure.

When I get up on the weekend I can do anything I want. No responsibilities, no going to my boyfriend’s family bullshit. I can lay in bed all day. I can get drunk. I can go out with friends or catch a movie. Nobody owns me and it feels good. If the right guy comes along, sure I’d take him but I’m not dating somebody, just to have somebody. Life is awesome.