Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Why You Should NEVER Use

We’ve all seen the ads for Just take a swab of your saliva and mail it in. If your dancing skills were nonexistent before you could be dancing the Bossa Nova after finding out you’re 23% Portuguese.

   What these clever ads don’t tell you is that they keep your DNA after performing your tests, you still own it but so do they. Say what? So, after you die they have it and can sell it or ‘accidently’ lose it. By agreeing to terms of service, you are basically giving them free range to do whatever they want with your information. And don’t be shocked to find out that health insurance places are paying them to find out if you have any lingering family diseases before insuring you.

   They tell you all of this is fine print but of course it’s buried in pages of terms of service. According to its privacy policies, takes ownership of your DNA forever.
Not even your relatives or spouse will have any rights to it. So, hopefully you don’t become famous because when you die they’ll be selling your DNA like hotcakes.
  Or think about this, how about if gets hacked? Some of the biggest companies have gotten broken into, and your DNA gets stolen. How about if it’s left at a crime scene? You could try screaming as they took you off to jail, and who knows, after three or four years you might be found innocent, but would you really want the trouble?

   It’s a human feeling to wonder where you came from but if companies like are keeping your DNA and bragging that they have the largest at 3 million and counting, I have to wonder why.

Why would they store so much DNA? Sounds creepy and scary to me.

   In the future, will there be an eBay where they sell ‘gently used’ DNA.? Sounds like will make a killing. And all it took was one swab.