Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Top 5 Annoying Things This Month

1.Flabalanche: Actresses making a career out of going from "Porky Pig" to "Olive Oyl."..."I'm so happy being a size 18!" Then they loose the lard,"How I did it!" Then they are chubs again,"My new man loves junk in my trunk!" Get a real job Kristie Alley and Carnie Wilson.

2.Susan Boiled Over: I'm so sick of people saying, "You Tube sensation!" My rear end is a sensation, how about that? Read a damn book AND forget about that cat that can play piano.

3.Cruising For A Bruising: Why is Tom Cruise always running in every damn movie? I'm running out the movie exit door and want my $13.00 bucks back, bitch.

4.The Hills Have Thighs: Any Ho or Himbo bag that 'star' on the 'reality' TV shows; should really take a plane ride together, maybe the one that goes one way to "Lost" island.

5.Drugs Are Us: The cost of prescription drugs are a joke. Why is it that the guys that run drug companies are always ugly and wear cheap suits? I guess there's no pill for dork just yet; though I hear they're working on it; THIS DRUG MAY CAUSE: DROWSINESS, DIARRHEA, BUYING GUNS AT WALMART, BLURRY VISION, SEVERE ATTRACTION TO DOLPHINS.