Sunday, July 11, 2010

Trader Joe's set to open in Chelsea on Monday!

The store in Chelsea will feature its signature sassy, low-cost foods - and a bit of local-themed artwork. Over priced super markets like Gristedes and D`Agostino's told to"suck it!" By the Chelsea community. Local gay bars are abuzz with the news that they have a new place to buy organic salad, and possibly pick up a new boyfriend, or two.

If you haven't tried Trader Joe's yet. nows the time. Trader's is a lot like Wholefoods, except almost half the price. The only bad news is: unlike the over crowded East 14th Street Trader Joe's, no wine shop. Booze heads will have to go to that location still for Trader's great bargain wines and beer's.

The store opens Monday morning at 8:am. Expect crowds in tank tops and jean cut-offs and a lot of 'ohs, ahs and "Go Girl!" Well you GO, and pick me up 3 cans of Trader Joe's dolphin safe Tuna; my cupboard is bare and a Tuna Melt sounds good on a hot day.