Saturday, March 1, 2014

Will Morgan Fairchild Play Mystery Woman On Revenge?

UPDATE! Thanks Revenge producers for listening!
Morgan Fairchild made her first appearance on "Revenge" on March 29th. Lets hope the smart producers will book her more and have her do something wicked!

When word came to me that there was a campaign to get Morgan Fairchild on ABC’S hit show “Revenge.”

I have to say I smiled. Fans of the 1980’s will remember Fairchild from roles in the TV series such as “Flamingo Road,” “Falcon Crest,” and “Paper Dolls.” plus countless movies, guest starring parts and in the mid 1980's was one of the first celebrities to go to Washington DC to lobby for AIDS research. Fairchild never loses her cool and you’ll never see her sweat in her most popular part when she plays a bitch.

 Google Morgan Fairchild MILF and you’ll get about 67,300 results, proving that Fairchild is on the minds of a lot of men (and women) and hasn’t lost her appeal after a certain age.

Did Morgan just enter the Gala?
Seeing Fairchild match wits on the fun; sexy; glossy hit TV show with number one bitch Madeleine Stowe, would surely melt the TV screens. Also the role calls for someone who can march around the Hampton’s like she owns the place, if creator Mike Kelly knows what he’s doing, he’ll hire Fairchild and turn up the air conditioner.