Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Airlines To Charge 4 Window, Aisle Seats; Little Timmy Sits With Strangers.

First the Terrorist’s make it annoying to fly; now airlines claim they need to make more money to pay for their big-assed-security-check-in nit-wits. It was announced last year that one airline would install pay toilets (bet the apple juice is free) on planes to make more money, now comes word that airlines are going to be charging an extra $25 or more each way for window and aisle seats.

It’s crappy but not so annoying if you're just friends, but families with kids (some going on their first summer trip together) can’t sit next to each other unless they fork over the extra green? This is garbage; a family of four will have to cough up an additional $200 or more; what's next? Will airlines start renting the over head luggage bins to store your toddler?

I contacted a popular airline and asked about the brewing controversy; they said a good way to avoid the extra $25 fee is to book months in advance; also adding, “it’s really not that much extra money when it improves your flight experience.” Well here’s a way to improve my flight experience “Susan” why not stop raping passengers from behind without as much as a free dinner.

I’m not naïve to think that airlines don’t have higher bills with fuel and such, but if the charges start outweighing the “experience” I bet most families will only travel to places reachable by car, this way if you’re stuck in a small space and grandma Ginny passes gas; at least it’s your grandma, and not someone else’s grandma next to you on a plane.

Update: Thanks to my article here at hudsontayloryourmind and media reports, Senator Charles Schumer is asking airlines to waive the extra fee for families to be able to sit together on a plane; as of now the airlines stuffed themselves with peanuts, and would only say that "families should book a year ahead." Still a BS answer. Hopefully with heat from Mr. Schumer airlines will be forced to do the right thing; If not pack some Mace in little Timmy's suitcase this summer.