Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Britney Spears; Why She’s Not Stable Enough For X Factor.

When Britney Spears first shimmied on the scene people compared her to Madonna, and then she opened her mouth and soon got compared to glue; because like glue, it does the job but not much else.

Spears has had plenty of ups and downs. Now finally medicated with a new manager/boyfriend, who keeps her under lock and key (for her last album all the press interview questions were pre-asked, so Spears team could give answers for her)

Now her boyfriend/manager has brokered a deal to put Spears on live TV, for Simon Cowell’s “X Factor”. Cowell is no fool in trying to get the public to watch after a low rated first season. He also hired train wreck number 2, Demi Lovato (fresh from rehab for anorexia, self-mutilation, and substance abuse-she's a triple threat!) I had to Google her and find out who the hell she is; she’s a Disney “actress” and “singer.”

I love that Cowell hired Spears and Lovato, two tarts that never sing live without Auto-Tune; and these chicks are going to tell people they can’t sing or perform? What’s next Charlie Sheen teaching abstinence?

In a press conference for “X Factor”, Spears seemed out of it, biting her nails down to the skin drawling blood. It doesn’t seem like Spears is ready for hash browns at a diner, let alone judging talent on the road, followed by live television.

On the first day of taping, Spears walked off the set, saying she needed a break; how freaking hard is it to sit at a table and judge people for 15 million? I’ll do it for half of that and bake brownies for ya.

The auditions are going on now, which are pre-taped so anything wacky Spears does can be edited or played up before it airs. The real joke will be when “X Factor” goes live and Spears will have to concentrate for more than 5 minutes. Some people are whispering that Spears won't even stay on the show.

Searching for “Britney Spears Dead Eyes” on Google yielded 1,850,000 results; which is scary but tells you how the public has noticed the change in Spears. This article is teasing her and she’s the gift that keeps giving but it doesn’t mean I don’t hope the best for her. In reality I think Spears should retire at 31-years-old if she can’t handle being in the spotlight; because when it comes down to it; a lot of us have 5 times the pressure and one fifth the money of Spears, and we pull through; fortunately most of us are in control of our own mind, body and spirit; sadly Spears seems like her light went out in 2006.