Thursday, May 17, 2012

Last Dance: Donna Summer Dies Of Lung Cancer at 63.

Donna Summer wasn’t too happy about being labeled “the queen of disco,” but she really hated being known as “the first lady of love,” because she became a born again Christian in 1980 and it sounded too sexual. After being born again Summer even refused to sing her first hit, 1976’s “Love To Love You Baby.” where a young Summer moaned and moaned about loving her man.

Donna Summer had many hits in her career and even made a comeback of sorts with the great 2008 album, “Crayons,” that reached the top 20 charts. She was working on a new album at the time of her death.

Summer died of lung cancer in Florida surrounded by family. What’s amazing in this tell-all age where celebrities and normal folk alike share useless information, Summer kept her cancer a secret; you can bet if it was a Kim Kardashian or a Jessica Simpson with cancer, they would have run to “People” magazine from the initial doctor's diagnosis to broker a deal to share the pain with the public. It’s sad but inspiring to know a woman who shared so much in her songs, Summer chose to keep the pain of her cancer to herself, showing the disease may have been killing her, but it couldn’t break her spirit as a private person.