Monday, April 30, 2012

Kim & Kanye: Famous 4 Being Asses; He In Personality; She In Showing It.

Some scholars dispute it, but the Mayan calendar predicts that December 2012 will be the end of the world. Scenarios suggested for the end include the arrival of the next solar maximum, or Earth's collision with an object such as a black hole or passing asteroid.

Other scholars say an old text predicted 2012 will bring together two of the world’s biggest egos; that in turn will create a toxic fuel of bullshit that will fill TV, print and airwaves with high-voiced talking; bad rapping, and enough bull-crap to pollute the earth’s oxygen until life as we know it will combust into oblivion.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have started dating; though some whisper it a P.R. stunt. KKK is their new nickname and people seem to love it; it’s no surprise to me that fans of these two don’t know what KKK really stands for.

West is a semi talented Rapper, known for his attitude and affinity to make an ass out of himself. Kardashian is known for her publicity hungry appetite and showing off her ass. Both pea brains get my vote for disaster of the year.

If the tacky twosome is really dating that remains to be seen, both love the spotlight like a fly loves fat ladies laying on the beach. I guess worse things could happen, though my mother always said, “when too many bad fish get together, it sure does stink.” My spy tells me their “dating” is getting filmed for Kardashian’s tacky reality show; one wonders when she’ll get filmed taking a bowl movement.

Kardashian is stale from her second marriage that lasted 72 days. Reports are that Kardashian has to cough up hush money to her ex, Kris Humpfries; because he says he married out of love; she out of getting publicity for her reality show, and family business that sells everything from shit to shinola. Hunky Himbo Humpfries is taking Kardashian to court soon for fruad.
West is stale from dating a bunch of skanks and his obnoxious turn at a music awards show, where he jumped onstage as Taylor Swift was trying to pick up her award, and acting surprised.

Rumors are rampant that it’s just a publicity stunt for the two low-on-brains lovebirds. They share a lot in common; they both love looking at pictures of themselves and like making videos; he for his music, she for a gross boyfriend, so why not date?

Who knows and frankly I don’t care. If anyone deserves each other it’s these two; I just hope the Mayan calendar isn’t right, as the world could be over as KKK spawn, making an ugly baby ( Raisinettes head and huge ass) bringing our planet earth to a certain doom.