Sunday, April 1, 2012

“Alicia Silverstone shows she’s “Clueless” when feeding baby by spitting food in his mouth”

Alicia Silverstone hasn’t acted much since her star making turn in “Clueless”. Now the former hot actress has turned fans cold when she released a video of her feeding her 11-month old son in an unusual manner. Acting like a bird from hell and not a un-award winning actress, Silverstone is seen on the video chewing food and spitting it into her kid’s mouth; pretty gross stuff-and you thought you gagged when she played “Batgirl” in “Batman & Robin.”

It’s not known why Silverstone feeds her child this way, but she’s known to be koo koo for eating and wearing everything that’s natural; after watching this video I’m glad my mom gave me Gerber’s.

Silverstone lives in an eco-friendly Los Angeles house complete with solar panels and an organic vegetable garden. The poor kids name is Bear Blu, yikes.

I’d hate to be this kid when he grows up and see’s this video; pretty embarrassing, for both of them.