Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tim Tebow Dyes His Hair Black For NY Arrival; Is He Gay?


New York newspapers are going gaga over Tim Tebow getting traded to the Giants. Grown men with pot bellies and hairlines like Helen Hunt are salivating over the arrival of Tebow like the second coming of Christ.

What they seem to forget is, Tebow wasn’t the best player (hence the getting traded to the Giants) but he has celebrity because he kneels on the playing field like a hooker for Jesus after every game.

The notoriously religious Tebow is known to recite passages from the Bible at any given time; just what people like, a dumb jock who talks religion. Tebow was home schooled all his life with four other siblings. He also stated that he will remain celibate until marriage; which had a lot of people cracking up recently; Football players are notoriously hit on by women and many married players hook up with the tarts that follow them on the road. Some speculate that a good looking, rich football player can’t possibly be celibate? Many believe Tebow is gay.

I really don’t care about him that much to wonder about his heterosexuality; it will only bother me if he starts bashing gays.

What did surprise me is the Jets press conference for Tebow; where he showed up with obviously dyed black hair. Do ultra conservative religious men dye their hair black? Makes you wonder.
Some think is he’s trying to look like his rival, Mark Sanchez. Others guess that if Tebow is gay he won’t be able to hide in New York’s gay Mecca like he did in the boondocks. In New York there are many gay people of shapes and sizes; maybe that’s what he needs.

Update: Tebow was spotted last week getting pampered at a West Hollywood nail salon, where he got a manicure and pedicure. It doesn't make him gay.

*photo belongs to TMZ.