Monday, March 5, 2012

“Kirk Cameron Is A Racist Piece Of White Turd”

Not gay here at all, yep.

Former TV star turned to religion late in his brief career, and the world breathed a sigh of relief that we wouldn’t see him again, but like plaque, Kirk Cameron is back.

Has-been racist from the 1980’s TV show “Growing Pains” just did an interview on Piers Morgan where he said homosexuality is an unnatural act. There is nothing wrong with religion, if it keeps up your socks to believe things other people fabricated years ago for their own agenda, then good for you, but there’s nothing worse than some dumb ass who thinks he has to enforce his beliefs on everyone.

Taffy for brains Cameron can preach his hate all he wants; what most of these racist don’t get is, this world was built by some gay people; the food he eats was made by some gay people; the rhetoric he preaches was probably written by some gay people.

Cameron also remarked that gay marriage was destructive to families everywhere; yeah the same crap people said about black people sharing their water fountains; the same thing white men cried when women wanted to vote. It’s amazing some pig like Cameron (sorry pigs) can be a bigot and hide behind the Bible as a way to justify his words when preaching hate.

Every-time some garbage like Cameron (sorry garbage) comes out and says things like this, some kid somewhere gets bullied for being gay or worse, commits suicide.

I’m sure some fellow jerks who say they speak for God but sound more like the Devil will rejoice in Cameron’s slam of gays (probably when committing more sins than most people)

If there is a “judgment day” Racist’s like Cameron will be one of the first people with a pitchfork up his ass.