Thursday, March 1, 2012

Lady Gaga Starts Anti Bullying Foundation

Oprah and Lady Gaga are working together for "Born This Way Foundation"
Rather you like Lady Gaga or not you have to admit, few people her age (25) have used their fame for the good of the community. In this day and age most celebrities care more about using their celebrity to sell the public perfume, clothes and any other junk they can put their name on to make a dirty dollar; Lady Gaga puts her money where her mouth piece is with her new  Born This Way Foundation; a non-profit organization that targets bullying and teens.

Gaga wore a demure (for her!) black dress and huge head piece. The official rollout of the foundation was held at Harvard because the university’s Berkman Center for Internet and Society and its Graduate School of Education are offering assistance to the new organization.

Gaga was joined by Oprah Winfrey, spiritual guru Deepak Chopra, and Kathleen Sebelius, the US Health and Human Services secretary - is placing bets that her name will help encourage and fund the foundation’s programs.

“The goal of the Born This Way Foundation is to challenge meanness and cruelty by inspiring young people to create a support system in their respective communities,’’ she said. “This is about changing the school environment, and not putting the power in the hands of the teachers or the government.’’

“What is exciting to me,’’ Winfrey said, “is that thought leaders have gathered together as one force to ask why does bullying and violence and hatred against young people continue in our society and what we can do about it.’’

The foundation has plans for a nationwide bus tour, which it says will teach teens about getting involved in civic groups and allow them to connect with mentors. The “Born Brave Bus’’ will also follow the route of Gaga’s next North American tour.

Gaga's mom joined her.

Gaga added with a blink of black lashes that laws won’t make bullying disappear. “There is no federal law that can change these problems,’’ she said. “The only way to solve the problem is to change the environment.’’

Gaga has been outspoken before on various social and political issues. She campaigned against the military’s now-abandoned “don’t ask, don’t tell’’ policy, which allowed gays and lesbians to serve as long as they hid their sexual orientation. She has also used her considerable Star power to kill laws trying to ban gay marriage by going to Washington and razing hair-ah; hell.

No matter what message she wants to endorse, Gaga can command the world’s attention with just a touch of her sequined glove: She has almost 20 million Twitter followers and 48 million Facebook fans. It’s nice to see someone use their fame and money to help a lot of kids who can’t be reached normally; if it wasn’t for the power of music and the internet.