Saturday, February 25, 2012

Whitney Houston’s Last Photo In Her Coffin:” It’s Not Right, But It’s Ok”

It was “Heartbreak Hotel” for Whitney Houston fans as the National Enquirer printed Whitney Houston’s last photo as she lay in her coffin. The fallen star lay decked out in $500.000 worth of jewelry; her favorite purple dress and solid gold shoes. Her face, gorgeously made-up for her last public event seems to almost want to scream, “I Want To Dance With Somebody Who Loves Me.” Or maybe the more ironic, “Didn’t We Almost Have It All.”

“Exhale (Shoop, Shoop).” For the details here, The National Enquirer is not known for kindness, class or tact and that’s just why millions of readers have made them one of the number 1 selling rags in the world. We all have to admit you can’t help watching a train wreck and The Enquirer always does a great cover; often telling every truth or untruth in gory, ”Step By Step.” Details; How many times have you been in line at the super market and had to pick up one that had an ugly picture of a celebrity you’re sick of seeing? You could get “So Emotional.” All you want about the photos but most humans in general get satisfaction in another’s failure; especially one like Houston, who died at her own hands, “One Moment In Time.”

The funeral home reports that the photo was taken by one of Whitney’s classless family members; I guess The Enquirer gave them a “Million Dollar Bill.” For someone close to Whitney too snap the degrading picture made me wonder, “Where Do Broken Hearts Go?”

“Queen Of The Night,” Tyler Perry, closeted homosexual and cross dressing/actor/producer/director spoke at Whitney’s funeral, stating that Whitney “Loved The Lord!” Well no disrespect but Whitney loved the pipe, and the drugs and she should have pulled it together, if not for herself, for her daughter.

I think it’s pathetic to pretend she was a saint; she was a real human being with flaws and eccentricities and no matter what Whitney, “I Will Always Love You.”