Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Forget Lana Del Rey; Meet Karmin!

Entertainment media for weeks has been touting Lana Del Rey as the next great thing besides Botox; her images have been poured into magazine as if coming off a roll of toilet paper. I’d heard a lot about her and finally checked out her album on iTunes; Del Rey wasn’t for me except if I ran out of Ambien. I found her music boring and quickly wondered who she knew/or blew to get her record deal.

Two weeks later Lana Del Rey appeared on Saturday Night Live; I checked it out; thinking maybe I would like her after all; she sucked like a lemon. Her performance was a bunch of mumbling and stiff body movements that reminded me of the Bride Of Frankenstein. The next day the news media reported that she was the worst live act in SNL history; I guess they forgot about Ashley Simpson.

Listening to the radio when painting my new apartment I kept hearing this song called “Crash Your Party.” I loved it and wondered who this new sassy black chick was? A month later I caught the video at the gym; to my surprise it’s a really retro looking white girl and adorable looking white dude. Checking them out on iTunes I loved the music and the video was great. So why isn’t Karmin getting hand-job from the press that Del Rey is getting? Del Rey must have a better agent.

So if you dig Del Rey; good for you. Want to try something new and fresh and fun to listen to at the gym? Check out Karmin; as of now they only have two original songs; with a full album out in the spring; check them out on Youtube, where they were discovered, doing awesome cover songs(the two cuties are dating)

I guess I should have waited to give them coverage until I hear the full album but hell; I’m all about talking about someone who isn’t overexposed-yet. Also the guy in Karmin is super cute!

Check out the videos and decide for yourself.