Monday, January 23, 2012

Hey Y‘all I Got Diabetes; Want A Fried Twinkie? Paula Deen’s Shocking Greed.

Two tons of lard fell into the fryer this week as the “Twinkie” company files for bankruptcy and Paula Deen admits to having diabetes.

Paula Deen has sold her brand of down-home southern charm to the buying public for years now. Many of us have laughed along with the potato shaped lass as she bragged about loving butter, and once made a gut growing recipe involving fudge and Velveeta cheese on national TV. Deep frying Dean is now in hot oil herself; burping to a stunned public that she has type 2 diabetes.

Deen says she came out now about her condition because of God; well God must be her agents last name as she has announced that she is the new spokesperson for a diabetes drug called Victoza. Deen yaks that she’s on the drug but won’t say if the drug is helping her or not. What really fries my buns is that Victoza cost $500 a month, while other diabetes drugs on the market cost around $90 a month. If you’re a person with diabetes, would you trust Deen with her endorsement of Victoza? A person who lied three years about her own health, so she could make more money on people on getting fatter with her endless supply of artery busting recipe’s.

There’s nothing Deen won’t put her name on to make a greasy dollar; go to your local T.J Maxx or Marshall’s and you’ll find Dean's mug on everything from barbecue sauce to frying pans.

Hostess, the maker of “Twinkies”, “Snow Balls”, “Wonder Bread” and other high calorie, cavity-making goodies has filed for bankruptcy after continually losing profits. I find that surprising given the majority of their product has nothing but crap in the ingredients and I doubt it cost them much to make. I guess in 2012, the era of processed food corporations has begun to fall like drunks off a barstool. My generational was all about quick & easy cooking; we got lazy and corporation’s like Hostess and vermin like Paul Dean took advantage of it. Now my generational is suffering the effects; obesity; high blood pressure and diabetes among other things.

Of course I’ll always have sugar and fried foods; I love them, but I’ll keep them in moderation.

Like the Iron Curtain and the tube tops of slutty Starlets, some things are meant to fall down. I don’t wish for the hundreds of little people at Hostess to lose their jobs or for Paula Deen to stop spreading butter on TV, but when push comes to shove, my health is more important than anything else and I want to know the facts before I consume something; then I’ll decide if I want to eat it or not.

Go to Paula Deen’s website; with recipes like “Deep Fried Bacon Mac & Cheese” and “Twinkie Cake” It’s easy to see how she got diabetes. Her deceit also shows because she doesn’t list calories for the recipes; want to guess how much fat is in “Deep Fried Bacon Mac and Cheese?” I don’t think it would be pretty.

Judge Judy said it best, “Don’t pee on my leg and then tell me it’s raining.”

Update: Paula Deen drops pounds of pudge by not eating her own food; wow if only us suckers who paid for her crap knew not to eat her ass-growing cooking, we'd be thinner too, but then most of us don't get paid big money like Deen, who in my opinion would hold in a fart until someone paid her to indorse Gas-X.

Deen blabs to People magazine next week in a lame cover story, that shows off her 30 pounds free figure, but gives no real information on how she busted her big gut. Some say the diabetes medication that Deen indorses ( Victoza) helped her tummy-get-yummy. Others have speculated that Deen had a tummy tuck.

Who knows the truth with Deen, but I will say she does look better, lets just hope she stays out of the kitchen.