Thursday, April 19, 2012 Dick Clark Is Dead.

Host and TV producer Dick Clark has died from a heart attack. He was 82.

To a younger generational many will remember Dick Clark as the old guy who mumbled on air every New Years Eve (Clark suffered a terrible stroke in 2005) but for people of my generational we will remember him for hosting American Bandstand (1957 to 1988)

Long before MTV and Youtube; American Bandstand gave a young music lover like me exposure to new and exciting sounds. When you grow up in a small place like I did, and you felt alone and artistic, AB had funky dancers, different singers and bands in every creed, color and size and for a little boy like me it gave me comfort every Saturday afternoon.

Dick Clark did a lot of things in his life and made a lot of money; some, if not most of us would have retired, but that wasn’t Dick Clark’s attitude. In this age of praising over-paid sports stars and people who fight with each other to get on TV, Dick Clark remained a gentleman of class, on and off the air.