Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mary J. Bilge’s BK Commercial Banned, She Sings About Fried Chicken.

Burger King has lost its spot in sales to far superior Wendy’s in the battle of the burger chains; McDonalds still holds the number 1 spot. Now Burger King has unleashed four new commercials. One in particular has been banned because people have complained about Mary J. Blige’s singing about her love of fried chicken is racist.

After viewing the commercial I don’t think its racist, though each commercial is targeted to a certain demographic; Jay Leno-white men; Salma Hayek-Spanish speaking; David Beckham-gay men; Mary J Blige-black Americans.

The commercial is pretty funny with an embarrassed looking Blige; dark shades on and singing for her super about “crispy lettuce and 3 cheeses, oh, oh.” Yikes! I love me some Mary J. Blige, but like her last two albums that haven’t sold well; Blige needs to get some better career advice (her husband has been her manager for several years now); if not Blige will be on Dancing With The Stars or some other sad reality show in two years.

Check out the banned commercial and tell me what you think.