Monday, October 1, 2012

666 Park Avenue Review: Even The Devil Wouldn’t Watch It.

Just when it looked like Vanessa Williams got some good luck after being stuck in a boring role on “Desperate Housewives,” she got cast in “666 Park Avenue,” unfortunately the fantastic Williams, has gotten herself glued to another bad show; that will have viewers wishing the devil possesses the network executives who green lit this crap.

The set up is so simple a five year-old could have made it up (maybe they did) A young and boring couple comes to fancy hotel to get job as Super’s(!) they get into 666 Park Avenue, run by the dude from “Lost,” Terry O'Quinn and Williams. O’Quinn plays his part well enough; is he just the owner, a magician or the devil himself? You won’t care after 60 minutes, when you realize a rectal exam would have been a better waste of your time.

When this show tries to scare you; you’ll laugh, and when you’re supposed to laugh; you’ll get scared that the show is still going on-and-on. The rest of the cast features actors with so little screen presence; you’ll never need a sleeping pill again. If you like scares and good drama; wait for the season premiere of “American Horror Story,” because the only fright here is how bad the show is. 666 Park Avenue should stay on the air as long as Lindsay Lohan stays out of trouble with the law.

666 Park Avenue airs Sundays at 10 on ABC.

Could the Devil be Vanessa Williams agent;  for landing her this snore fest?