Tuesday, April 17, 2012

“The Killing” asks Who Killed Rosie? Viewers answer: who cares.

The second season of AMC’S The Killing still raises the big question from season one: Who Killed Rosie Larsen? I say who cares at this point? After the 20th shocking “reveal” Rosie isn’t even missed because the audience never got to know or sympathize with her. That leaves the rest of the cast; who all need valium inserted in their local water supply. Maybe Rosie killed herself to get away from these “Debbie Downers.”

I get that the show is supposed to be dark and moody-I love dark and moody but The Killing has dragged an interesting, if not original idea (girl killed; suspects galore; retiring cop) on and on, the viewer is left not caring, and caring is sharing-ratings that is.

When the great first season of The Killing ended last season; viewers, including myself were pissed that the whole season had been one big prick tease, and didn’t reveal the killer of Rosie Larsen. Those hoping for a series release when the second season began, were left blue balled as the Rosie Larsen case still dragged on with more suspects popping up than Pop-tarts at a crackheads house.

This Script sucks.

The Danish series (in which The Killing is based) had a new murder in its second season, giving viewers a fresher story and mystery to solve. Too bad the American version didn’t follow the same lead.

Ratings for the second season are getting worse each week. If The Killing doesn’t get better this season, don’t be surprised if the show and the producers are buried with Rosie at the bottom of the pond.