Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Why Is Hollywood So Obsessed With Criminals?

Most people I talked to didn’t understand “American Hustle.” Still it won numerous awards and I’m sure it will take home some Oscars. Still I decide to see it and unlike the so-called voting public I hated it. I think it should have been titled “American Hustle Wig.” I really think the ugly hair should win the statues; which could save us from the boring speeches, bad face lifts and overblown award shows, where Hollywood people pat each other on the ass and say how great each other are.

I’m so sick of movies about people stealing things. I really don’t know why people pay good money to see movies about criminals; especially when, in real life when you get robbed; it’s a bitch, and not cleaver or stylish. I’m sure you won’t see Channing Tatum as Bernie Madoff on the big screen anytime soon; especially since the people he robbed couldn’t afford the $14.00 to see the movie in New York. A friend of mine who loved “American Hustle” laughed when I asked the question, “why is Hollywood so obsessed with criminals?” and his answer was the best one I’ve heard so far, “because they’re all thieves themselves.” It makes perfect sense. Hollywood is all about selling you something—a lifestyle—a personality—a diet that isn’t real, still we let them pick our pockets all in the name of being entertained.
I always laugh when the sweet, misty eyed Disney actor or actress is a major Coke head, and someone like Morgan Fairchild, who made her career as a sex symbol, and was always filmed smoking and drinking champagne; in real life, Fairchild doesn’t smoke or drink. I just hate that people find criminals so appealing; maybe it says something about the human race in general. One could argue that thief movies are so popular because we all have a secret obsession with getting one over on the ‘man’, and getting rich quick.

I’m not going to deny that I have some favorite movies that deal with someone stealing something in one way or another but I wish Hollywood would stick to Vampires and Zombies, and stop glorifying crooks so much.