Friday, January 31, 2014

Is Trying Overrated?

   Sometimes I feel frustrated with trying; It sounds whiny I know but it’s true. I always seem to be trying; trying to get a new agent; trying to make money; trying to meet a new guy; trying to forgive a friends stupidity; trying not to kill the bitch who coughed in my face at Starbucks. Some people don’t try at all. What a great way to go through life; floating and never mattering or meaning anything to anyone’s life; hello Kim Kardashian.

I think it would be nice to be a drunk or a pot head; this way i would be in a 24 hour fog, and never give a shit like a lot of people.

 Humans are always trying; that’s how most of us function. We try to have whiter teeth; but darken our skin. We try to have lighter hair; that covers our dark hair. We try to flatten our stomachs; but pay a doctor to fatten our wrinkles. Maybe things are really black & white; either; or? I don’t know. Just when I think I have life figured out, everything I practiced and preached gets tossed out, and I have to start over in my way of thinking and try again.

Maybe I should try harder and act like one of the Kardashian; have no actual talent; make a sex tape like kim; and never have anything interesting to say, and people will love me when I show up, and buy any crap that I put my name on; by the way you can order your Hudson Taylor mint floss right here, big smile.

So why am I trying? When most people don’t care about anything but themselves, and I waste time trying to grow, love, feel, want and need. I guess those of us who do try; who do feel, who can’t help it wanting more knowledge and improvement within their selfs will never stop trying.

Me? I’ve haven’t decided yet if I’m ever going to try again, but something tells me I probably will.