Thursday, January 2, 2014

I Hate Change.

I don’t like seeing the season’s change; it could be summer forever and I wouldn’t care. Would I miss snowballs? Nah I’ll play with the frosty ice that goes into my margarita; thank you very much.

Why must things change? I know the obvious reality but I would be happy if things stayed the same like; the age where I was happiest and cutest; the love that I thought would be forever; the pet that was the sweetest; the job that was easy and where I made lots of money; the friend who I adored and couldn’t stop laughing with.

The first 3 weeks of a new romance; how great is that? You’re getting to know each other; the kisses start slow; then hard and then wow! Everything they tell you; you devourer the knowledge like it’s the best information you ever heard. “You had Club foot when you were younger? Great.” I want my muscles to stay muscles, and my stomach to look like Ryan Reynalds after he had a stomach flu.

I want things to stay the same, screw the future. I want to be happy getting my first book published. I want my best friend to stay in New York and not be in jail. I want my mom to be alive and giving me hugs and snack cakes. I want my family to be together and not messes. I want my dog to stay a puppy so he never has to die. I want the guy that I like one week; not become my enemy the next week.

I want it all. Time marches on and I grudgingly go with it.