Sunday, January 5, 2014

Man Busted For Trying To Sell Stolen Brains On eBay.

Some 21-year-olds just sit in their parent’s house, masturbate and play video games, not David Charles. This young go-getter just got arrested at an Indiana Dairy Queen, where Charles thought he was meeting a buyer for one of his stolen brains that he was selling like hot cakes on eBay.

We here at HTYM hope Charles got to finish his Oreo Brownie EarthQuake Royal Treat before they read him his rights and slapped the cuffs on.

Charles allegedly stole 60 jars of brain and human tissue in October from the Indiana Medical History Museum. Once he had his brains, Charles began selling them online and had many buyers for the jars of goo that the museum kept from autopsies performed in the 1890’s; I guess old brains are really IN for 2014.

Rumor’s floating around some of the best beauty salons has Charles, allegedly selling 12 brains to the Kardashian family; too bad he got busted before they got them.

When questioned, one happy brain buyer declared they purchased the wiggly matter because he liked buying ‘oddities,’ damn in my day people just collected baseball cards and stamps; the times they are a-changin.

Charles’s brain bazaar was shut down when someone tipped off the police that he was selling stolen brains online, which is gross, and illegal. Soon police used their noodles and Charles was set up in a sting operation at a local Dairy Queen. Now that Charles sits in a cold jail, he must be wondering if he should have used one of the brains he stole, and figured out a better life plan.