Monday, January 13, 2014

Straight Up Roasted: Paula Abdul Sues Tanning Salon For Burns.

We haven’t seen much of Paula Abdul, 51, lately after getting canned from both American Idol and X Factor. Still, Abdul tries to stay prepared for the cameras or even a visit to the mall. Unfortunately the pint-sized-peanut-butter-cup decided to try a new form of tanning that is supposed to make you lose weight. Sadly the “Cold Hearted” singer got too hot after the treatment and instead of compliments, Abdul was left with burns and isn’t just, “Blowing Kisses In The Wind.” She is suing Uvasun West tanning salon in Los Angeles for damages.

For $129.00 bucks the website for Uvasun claims that the SlimStar "heat therapy" is a "weight control, inch loss, pain management, detoxification system," that allows users to burn "1,200 or more calories in just one 50-minute session." Right off that sounds like BS to me, but hey if it works; I guess I’d be ready to be burned to look thinner.

 Did Paula's rumored man, hunky John Caprio notice?
Abdul thinks the company did a “Rush Rush” on her and applied the treatment, "negligently, carelessly and recklessly," causing "severe and painful burns over her body, with an especially severe second or third degree burn on a portion of her left thigh," the lawsuit claims.
People say “Opposites Attract,” But when it comes to being in the public eye, everything body-wise has to be matchy-matchy, which just might help Abdul win her case.