Monday, June 4, 2012

True Blood Star Joe Manganiello sets panties on fire at MTV Awards.

Joe Manganiello is known to make hearts melt on HBO's "True Blood." as a sexy werewolf; Now he's giving female and gay fans even more of his sexy 6'5 (!) self in the upcoming film "Magic Mike" which Stars a who's who of hot ass men.

There's a dude for everyone's taste in "Magic Mike," which takes place in a male strip club. Even picky, saintly Aunt Ida would surely put in her dentures to see Maganiello;  Channing Tatum ; Alex Pettyfer; Matt Bomer or Matthew McConaughey show what the good lord gave'em, and the devil added.

Manganiello made an impression last might at the MTV Movie Awards, dressed as his character in "Magic Mike." Manganiello came on stage dressed as a fireman, complete with no shirt, rock abs and a bearded smile that could frost a bowel of Texas Chili.

Get out your dollar bills!


Joe Manganiello makes me feel bad for those donut's.
Joe, Chelsea Handler and Chuy; what a family!

Check out the Magic Mike trailer here