Monday, June 4, 2012

Knocked Up Drew Barrymore Marries Chanel CEO’s Son.

Drew Barrymore was once a child Star turned teenage alcoholic; not many thought the actress with the lisp would ever be able to grow into adult acting roles, let alone stop the boozing and the using, but she went to rehab and unlike Lindsay Lohan actually worked towards sobriety.

Barrymore went on to grow into adult roles and produce movies with her Flower Films production company, having many hits in the 1990’s, often playing off her lisp in roles perfectly suited for her talents.

Barrymore hasn’t had a hit since 2003’s "Charlie’s Angels", and besides a role in HBO’s "Grey Gardens" movie she has appeared in flop-after-flop movies. Barrymore at 37-years-old in a crossroads in her career, one that Meg Ryan had in her forties (being too old to play the wacky lovelorn female)

Barrymore is pregnant with handsome Will Kopelman's baby and married him this weekend in a quickie ceremony. Kopelman an art dealer, wore Chanel as well as Barrymore; im sure it doesn’t hurt that Kopelman’s father is the former CEO of Chanel; Ka-Ching! for Barrymore; screw her career-her husband is a hottie; has some coin and gets free rags from Chanel, my kind of guy.

After a needed rest will Barrymore be able to climb back to the top. I think she can, I doubt it will be in movies, but I see her starring in her own TV show and we at hudsontayloryourmind wish her well; just please no nude magazine covers; Demi Moore did it best for Vanity Fair magazine back in the day and everyone who has followed her looks stupid.

Barrymore won't be wearing cheap stuff like this anymore.