Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hot For Teacher: Students Give AIDS Instead Of Apples.

In my day teachers gave homework; dirty looks and took ugly choices in fashion to a new level. These days teachers give short assignments; wear extra small clothes from Baby Gap and screw the students.

Listen when I was 16 I would have loved to get hit on by a hot teacher; shoot I would have loved to be hit on by anyone remotely attractive, but in my day you didn’t want to smell the teachers, let alone have sex with them. These days teachers are getting busted for teaching student’s the three A’s; ass; alcohol and Al’s discount motel.

Some people have more of a problem when it’s an older male teacher, and female student compared to young male student/older female teacher. I think it’s wrong either way. I’m not na├»ve and realize hormones run rampant in life; sometimes more so for different people, but when you decide to be a teacher, one of your jobs is to protect your kids, not bed them. Temptation is a human trait that many of us share with the animal kingdom; what sets us apart from being animals is when we have the sense to know right from wrong.

It seems every week a teacher gets caught banging one of their students, and that’s just the ones who got caught. There are younger teachers more than ever due to budget cuts, making older teachers retire early.

In the US today, the fastest growing population of people contacting HIV are young people, between the ages of 13-24-years-old, according to The Center For Disease Control. A close second, according to a study published by World Health Organization, finds sexually active people over the age of 50-years-old being infected with HIV more than ever (oh no, Grandma has AIDS) You have to ask yourself if teens are getting it from teachers, or giving it to teachers?

It seems to me, like most institutions when it comes to children being molested, The Board Of Education needs a facelift; like the Catholic Church and Hasidic community, who punish the victims, but hide and promote the guilty. The Board Of Education needs an overhaul before people have a hard time distinguishing who’s the child, and who’s the adult.