Tuesday, June 12, 2012

NYC Mayor To Ban Large Soda Pop; Hide Your Mountain Dew.

New York City Mayor Richie Rich; I mean Michael Bloomberg, has submitted a law into the state to ban soda pop sold in anything larger than 16 oz, in an effort to control obesity; yeah the ban on drugs and high cost of cigarettes have stop smoking and drug taking, right? You have to laugh; Bloomberg said it will stop Americans from getting fatter; why not try going after these big companies who make processed food? Go into your super market sometime in the frozen food section, take for example French Fries; which the ingredients should pretty much be potatoes, salt, oil and maybe a stabilizer, instead there will be tons of stuff you never heard of, all shit. Processed food, my friends is making America fat.

We all got lazy, instead of making our own pancakes (flour, oil, egg, milk, baking soda) we buy processed boxed crap because it’s easier, and that Black woman on the box has a friendly smile. Our generation has grown up with processed food; that our bodies don’t know how to digest; therefore it stays in the stomach leading to belly fat.

New York use to be so free and now it’s probably hipper to live in Ohio. Bloomberg isn’t banning large juices, most made only with 3% juice and the rest sugar and water; he’s targeting soda as of now. It reminds me of Prohibition (From 1920 to 1933 the United States banned alcohol) No surprise, prohibition became a failure in America and elsewhere, as bootlegging (rum-running) became widespread and The Mob took control of the distribution of alcohol. One can only imagine the Gambino family selling 2 liter Dr. Pepper out of the back of some truck.

If mighty 5ft 6 Bloomberg has his way (and this is a guy who got a third term as Mayor) one wonders what’s next on the list. Will Donuts be banned and king sized candy bars; will fatties and the public like myself have to go down to Chinatown, find a dealer and be led through secret chambers until a wall of Gucci knockoffs, King sized Snickers bars, and large soda bottles come into view? Just maybe.
Mayor Michael Bloomberg Enjoys a (small) Coors Light. No word if Richy Pants had 4-5 more.