Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Why Are Rabbi Child Molesters Never In The News?

 Once in a while a Rabbi child molestation case comes out that makes the newspapers and the news programs, but it’s often a tiny story and then you never hear about it again. Other child molestation cases get splashed across the newspapers in full detail. News anchors with fake teeth and smiles almost drool as they tell the lurid child abuse cases, but never when it involves a Rabbi; is there a biased? Hell yes!

Not all of the Jewish community turn their back on their own community. Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg has been a frequent target among Hasidic Jews in Williamsburg because he runs a call-in show and blog on which he publicizes allegations of sexual abuse against ultra-Orthodox men, including those who have not been convicted of a crime. What did Rosenberg get for speaking out and trying to help children? A cup of bleach thrown in his face, which gave him burns on the eyes and face. The man who threw the bleach wasn’t a thug, but a local Jewish resident named Meilech Schnitzler. Schnitzler got only six months’ probation. Now you know if Schnitzler was black or Hispanic he would have gotten six months in jail.

I’ve been wondering for a while, and there are a couple of reasons why you don’t see these horrible Rabbis who molested these poor kids in newspapers like The New York Times, and it’s because of money. Sorry to over-boil the Matzo balls here but the sad truth is when a child is molested by a Rabbi, most families don’t tell anyone because they will be ostracized by their loving community, and often times large groups of Jewish men will protest outside their homes; try to get the victims family fired from their jobs, and make the victim suffer more in the hands of a gang like mentality.

And let’s be honest when a young minority gets abused, and they have no money; who will fight for them? Nobody. Most of these Rabbis are wealthy, and, or have influence with their community so they get protected. It’s so sad in a place like America in which politicians scream through Botox that, “America is the best country.” Victims are still treated like they are in a third world country.

Shame on you New York Times and other newspapers for not helping tell the stories of all the victims of child abuse. I guess most of you are preoccupied with Kim Kardashin’s wedding to Kanye West, and talking about poor children in other countries; it’s too bad the children that need you now are on your own doorstep.