Thursday, May 8, 2014

Sherri Shepherd’s View; Husband Files for Divorce.

Forget about Bab's leaving The View.The REAL Gossip going on at The View is:
Sherri Shepherds shocking divorce!

The morning gab fest The View has spent the last couple of weeks patting Barbara Walters, 84, on the ass because she is leaving the show. Hair salon gossips tell me that the real news from The View is that Sherri Shepherd, 47, is getting dumped by her husband, Lamar Sally after 3 years.

Sheppard is an actress, comedian and most infamous for believing that the world isn’t round.
Many behind the scenes of the aging show say Sheperd has been bothering Walters by over talking. My spies tell me that when Sheperd told Walters of her spilt, Walters hit the roof and advised her that this week had to be all about her leaving the show she helped create. Now that the news is leaking out, many wonder if Sheperd will have to spill the jellybeans and ruffle Walters bouffant hair-do by stealing some of the old crows thunder. Stay tuned.
Update: Shepherd's Husband filed for divorce on May 10. Shepherd has said nothing on The View as of yet, but don't count on it as Walters has banned any talk that will steal her departure from the show. After Walters leaves this Friday, prepare for Shepherd to blab and cry for weeks on air. Fake?