Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Sad Fall of Katherine Heigl.


 There are some people who can get away with being a super bitch (hello Madonna) but most people eventually fall. Case in point Katherine Heigl.
For a couple of years Heigl, 35, was riding high thanks to “Grey’s Anatomy.” And numerous movie roles. Soon Heigl started getting a reputation of being such a pain-in-the-loafers that ABC was happy to let her go from her contract. Heigl was happy to go, thinking she would burn the movies up with her talent. Sooner than deli roses die, Heigl’s reputation as a queen without a court was turning people off, and costing her potential parts.
What’s Heigl been acting in lately? She’s the new spokesperson for Vick’s ZzzQuil; how the mighty have fallen. In the ad, a dopey looking Heigl lays in bed and looks like road kill. As of 2014 Heigl has announced that she will come back to TV. If she can keep her attitude in check maybe she will have another TV success; if not I’d say she’ll appear on Dancing With The (unemployed) Stars within the next two or three years.