Sunday, November 4, 2012

Dumb & Dumber: Meet 2012’s Most Watery Turds.

When you’re hot; you’re hot, and when you’re not; well, you make my list for Most Watery Turds.

Take a look at 2012’s beauties.

Mike Bloomberg: The millionaire New York mayor proved he was the “Tin Man” and needed a heart from “The Wizard Of Oz.” Bloomberg help pass laws that stop hospitals from giving new mom’s breast milk; outlawed large soda’s, and as victims of hurricane Sandy were left with only the clothes on their back, Bloomberg demanded the *New York marathon* should still go on.

The marathon would have had millions of skinny people running a mile from the devastation. Still Bloomberg stuck up his pointy nose and didn’t care; hopefully his next prostate cancer exam isn’t done by someone who lives or has family in Staten Island, ouch!

Donald Trump: His face alone looks like an orange left out in the sun, but it’s not just his “haunted house” looks that landed him here. 2012 was the year “The Donald” fell on his face and really embarrassed himself.
With weekly appearances on Fox “News”-to offering President Obama $5 million to show his college records; Trump managed to sink lower than a snail in the Bermuda Triangle, and seems bent on becoming a laughing stock; most Republican’s don’t even want him around anymore.
Is Tim Tebow gay? Or just likes the taste of dark chocolate.

Tim Tebow: He made headlines when he came to New York last year. His PR person had him on the cover of all the rags and had the common folk lapping Tebow up like a hooker getting free Cipro. Tebow is known for his cabbage shaped head, as much as his praying on the field at every football game; look like God doesn’t like the Jets, or Tebow.

Tebow and the Jets have played so bad it was rumored the team would trade him; as of now Tebow can still stay on his knees as the Jets didn’t sack him, yet. I predict his PR person will have him seen in public with some girl to squash the gay rumors and get Tebow back in the public eye.

 *Due only to public outrage, Bloomberg cancelled the marathon at the last minute when the New York Post exposed that the city of New York had hid generators, water and supplies for the marathon, instead of offering them to all the suffering people; who were mostly middle class or poor. Still Bloomberg seemed not to get it, and apologized to the runners, not the victims of hurricane Sandy.