Monday, November 12, 2012

Eddie Murphy is Dating a Hot White Chick.

With that pesky election out of the way, we as a nation can get back to what is most important; Eddie Murphy is dating a hot white chick.

Eddie Murphy, 51, has had a shady past when it’s come to romance for the sassy comedienne. Divorced in 2008 from his longtime wife, who gave him 5 kids, virile Murphy got Melanie (Scary Spice) Brown of the Spice Girls pregnant after a brief affair, Murphy denied he was the baby daddy, until blood test showed he was, as of this date Murphy has never met Angel Iris, 5.

There have been many rumors about Murphy’s sexual obsession with Transsexuals and toe sucking (I guess some Trannies got big feet) on Friday, May 2 at 4:45AM-Murphy picked up 20-year-old hooker named Atisone ‘Shalomar’ Seiuli, a Samoan born transvestite. Cops – on hooker watch - observed as she hopped in Eddie’s Land Cruiser and they drove off. Two miles later, they were pulled over, but since they were not engaged in any illegal behavior, Eddie was let go. Murphy denied he picked up the Almond Joy beauty for sex, and told “Entertainment Tonight” he was just helping a gal out; sure, and at 4:45am! (Mysteriously the Transvestite died a year later by falling from her roof; OK.)

Shalomar, jumped in Eddie Murphys car, did she also jump his bones?

Murphy also got married again in 2008 to Tracy Edmonds. Murphy and Edmonds got married in Bora Bora; which means it’s not legal in the U.S.A. They planned another legal wedding but Edmonds wouldn’t sign a prenup and the wedding was called off.

Haters hate, Murphys body is kicking at 51.
Now Murphy has been showing off 33-year-old Australian T&A model Paige Butcher. Some black women are pissed because they’re losing another brother to a white girl; I find that prejudice; so what, she’s as white as chalk, Butcher is hot and if she makes his world go round, so be it; let’s just hope Murphy doesn’t go out for anymore 4:45 AM drives.