Wednesday, August 1, 2012

“On The Floor,” Jennifer Lopez’s Boyfriend Caught in Gay Video Store.

“Love Don’t Cost A Thing,” some may say, but it might be costing Jennifer Lopez’s boyfriend, Casper Smart J-Lo’s pocket book. Various magazines have printed photo’s, catching Smart entering and leaving a 24 hour XXX video store in New York’s Time Square; known to be a cruise place for homosexual men, who have sex in the video store booths.

“Let’s Get Loud,” Lopez 43, is hotter than burnt rice and beans, issuing a statement through her lawyers.

"These statements are false, malicious and defamatory," the couple's attorneys, Howard Weitzman and Shawn Holley, said in a statement this morning. "Ms. Lopez and Mr. Smart will pursue all remedies available to them under the law." Um, I doubt Mr. Smart could afford to do that.

An employee of the porn shop claims that Smart, 25, stopped by the seedy store on the day before he helped Lopez celebrate her 43rd birthday (Smart threw a party on a yacht for Lopez; friends of Lopez, who-are-really-not-friends, say Lopez paid the bill for her own surprise birthday present from Smart, which answers the question, “If You Had My Love.”

One wonders if he was humming, “Do It Well,” when he entered the store; no matter what Smart was doing in the XXX video store, I don’t see why he would go at all. Some speculate Smart was just doing what comes naturally for a horny hot-headed 25-year-old dancer, and suggest Lopez needs a reality check fast. Fans of Lopez are, “Goin In,” for the kill, remarking that Smart is a pig, and a fool to cheat on a beauty like Lopez who has money to burn.

No matter the excuses Smart can come up with, the photos don’t lie and something tells me, Smart won’t be “Waiting For Tonight,” When Lopez gets home from work.