Monday, August 6, 2012

I love Target and Target loves me.

I just went to Target or Tarjay as some of my fancier friends like to call it. I thought I was amazed at how great Lynda Carter looks for her age; What’s more amazing, I got all this loot for about $80.00. Try getting the same stuff at Bed, Bath and Beyond (beyond your wallet,) and the price would be double.

Michelle Obama made waves and had Republican noses in the air when she was photographed at a local Target; showing she’s one first lady who isn’t a snob when it comes to shopping. I bet Nancy Reagan or Barbara Bush would’ve never put one sensible flat-shoed-foot in Target’s door.

Captain Hook would be jealous.
What’s not to like at Target? With everything from food-to-skincare it’s no wonder big named designers have started selling their stylish rags through Target, and here’s the best part about that, you get off the Runway looks, that leave you with enough money to afford cocktails afterwards, and a perfect opportunity to show off your new duds.

When you live on your own in a big city like Manhattan, you have to learn where to cut corners. What I really love about Target is they might be low on prices, but they’re anything but low on taste. Compare Target to similar discount stores like Walmart, and a blind person could tell the difference. Target is for the bitch on a budget with taste, and I love shopping there.
Lynda Carter (61!) 2012 , damn  she's really Wonder Woman

Is Jeremy Renner aiming for Target or the people who say he's A lover of gentlemen?