Friday, August 10, 2012

Wide Awake: Is Katy Perry Attracted to Jerks? Dating John Mayer.

Singer Katy Perry just dumped husband Russell Brand, whom many say was “a boozer, a user and a loser,” (to quote Amy Sedaris from “Strangers With Candy”)

Now the “Wide Awake.” Warbler has been hitting the town with panty collector, and whiny singer, John Mayer.

Many speculate that Perry’s apple pie only get heated around jerky guys; can’t she just date one of those nice boys from “Glee”? OK, moving on.

I guess Mayer is hot; as long as he doesn't sing.

Perry’s parents are both Pastors, and she’s admitted leading a sheltered life early in her career. Of course at 27, Perry seems to be still acting like she’s 14, in her music; which works, and in her love life; which doesn’t.

Before jumping in the sheets with Brand, Perry dated Gym Class Heroes lead singer and walking bong, Travie McCoy; another winner.

Why do attractive and talented women like Perry date only losers? A dime store shrink would say she’s still trying to piss off her religious parents; I say bastards just warm her tuna melt. Can Perry get over her Teenage Dream? Time will tell. Dig her or not, she coughs up some good tunes and we like her for that.