Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Eyeball Workout.

Why do people even work out anymore? Most of the people at my gym sit around farting and talking crap on their cell phone. Some even hang in the locker room pretending to undress for an hour.

When I'm at the gym, I'm working out. A lot of guys at my gym are just watching each other. I get it, You cruise or lose, and I am in Chelsea, but darn, doesn't THAT game get old after awhile. I like looking too, I am single and breathing, but I like to work out more then my eyes.

I love some of the outfits at my gym: mesh pink tank tops with cut off jean shorts; dirty white T-shirt with blue spandex shorts and dress shoes; socks pulled up to the knees. Sometimes I feel like running out of the gum screaming, "my eyes, my eyes.I'm blind!" How people can work out in jeans; I don't know-thats some jock itch they're going to get.

In the locker room, some guys love running around naked. Now of course, its never the guys you WANT to see naked. Its the fat, the tired, the wrinkled. There is nothing more jarring then a fat, naked hairy ass in your face in the morning before coffee has awoke half your body. Makes you want to go home and get back under the covers; I think that's what I'll do.