Sunday, January 13, 2013

Another Gang Rape in India. When Will People Declare Enough!

New Delhi, India. A married 29-year-old woman boarded a bus Saturday night, tired after a long day. When the bus drove past her stop the woman got worried. The bus driver and another man forcibly took the woman to a home, where 5 other men joined them and preceded to rape the woman. The next day, the suspects dumped her like garbage by her village, where she told her family and called police.

Rape is nothing new, but in India it is most vicious; not are you only violated by the rapist but you’re again molested by your family and the public at large; who seem to put more blame on the victim than the rapist. Many victim’s families dictate that the brother or father of the rape victim; kill the victim in a “mercy killing” that is suppose to cleanse the family’s honor; what a load of crap; how can these men be so cruel? And why don’t the women rise up and fight?

The alleged attack bears a similarity to a December 16 gang rape where attackers grabbed a woman after she boarded a bus. The men also brutally beat her and her male companion, robbed them of their belongings and later dumped them by the side of a road (the woman died two weeks later from her injuries) This attack got an outcry from the public at large and I hope the young woman who died (23) didn’t die in vain. How men and some women can devalue a life is beyond my way of thinking.

Most young girls who want to go to school in India have to pay; boys go for free. I’m not saying all India is bad, but places that don’t want women educated, but controlled are cowards; of course they don’t want these young girls to get educated, then they will realize that most of their society rules are bullshit, created by men. There are a lot of religions in America that do the same disrespect to girls and women and it disgusting that they get away with it.

It’s interesting to note that most religions are run by men, with rules written by men, and all the negatives get put to the women, and mostly positives given to the men. Maybe the world would be a better place if women were in charge, and rewrote the Bibles their way, where we men would suffer; how life would be different.